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Cardiac Training for Emergency Nurses

Be ready for cardiovascular emergencies with online courses in cardiac care

From understanding cardiac rhythms to recognizing acute coronary syndromes, it’s crucial that emergency nurses have a thorough understanding of cardiovascular care. BCEN’s online courses make it easy to expand your skills and stay on top of cardiac emergencies, no matter the presentation.  Learn about: 

  • Emergency presentations regarding coronary arteries, disorders of the electrical circuitry, and structural heart issues
  • The causes of obstructive shock and cardiogenic shock in a clinical context
  • The mechanism of action of medications used in cardiovascular emergencies
  • What noninvasive hemodynamic findings can tell the emergency nurse
  • And more! 

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Emergency Cardiac Care: An Overview

When faced with a cardiac-related presentation in the ED, you need to fully understand the multiple components that make up the cardiac system. This overview course, worth 1.5 CEs, teaches you to describe the basic structures of the cardiac system and recognize emergency presentations regarding the coronary arteries, disorders of the electrical circuitry, and structural heart issues.

1.5 CE Credits - $30

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Bonus! The Emergency Cardiac Care Bundle

Maximize your savings and professional development by taking advantage of our cardiovascular course bundle. With 8 total courses that cover a range of knowledge needed to appropriately care for cardiac patients, this bundle ensures you’re prepared and confident when dealing with cardiac emergencies. At $165 for 11 CEs, it’s a cost-effective way to boost your skills to the next level. 

11 CE Credits - $165

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Other Courses on Cardiovascular Care

Emergency Cardiac Care: Acute Coronary Syndromes

Take a deep dive into the diseases and treatments related to acute coronary syndromes. By reviewing risk factors, patient presentations, ECG acquisition, cardiac catheterization and much more, the course will provide an in-depth review of diseases and treatment options related to the coronary arteries.

1 CE Credit - $20

Emergency Cardiac Care: Heart Failure

With new advances in pharmacologic treatments, home therapies, and implanted cardiac devices, patients with heart failure are living longer and requiring more specialized care. Emergency nurses should demonstrate proficiency in caring for patients with a number of cardiac conditions and understand the need for prioritizing care based on the type of cardiac event and the medical nuances of the patient.

1 CE Credit - $20

An Introduction to Cardiac Rhythms

Cardiac anatomy and physiology involves both an electrical system and a muscular pumping system that work together to circulate blood. In this course, learn about the heart's electrical system and how cardiac electrical activity translates onto an ECG rhythm and gain foundational knowledge on recognizing cardiac rhythms and interpreting an ECG.

1 CE Credit - $20

Obstructive Shock: A Case Studies Approach

Obstructive shock is a time-critical condition that requires rapid recognition and treatment. In this course, you will follow three ED patients in obstructive shock due to various causes. From triage to disposition, let's learn all about obstructive shock!

1 CE Credit - $20

Pharmacology in Cardiovascular Emergencies

Refresh your understanding of the foundational basis of pharmacology as it relates to cardiovascular emergencies. The mechanism of actions of medications will be explained and applied to situations that are commonly seen in critically ill patients.

1.5 CE Credits - $30

Under Pressure: Hypertension, Shock and Dissections

Hypertension affects nearly half of Americans and is a major contributing risk factor to stroke and heart disease. Emergency nurses must understand the ways blood pressure changes impact the body in order to promptly recognize and treat associated complications. From pregnancy-related conditions to trauma and aortic dissections to brain bleeds, learn about important considerations related to pipes, pressure and pump problems.

1 CE Credit - $20

Cardiac Rhythms: Treatment Priorities and Considerations

Sinus disturbances disrupt the heart's rhythm starting at the sinoatrial (SA) node. This course will review abnormal cardiac rhythms associated with the SA node and then progress into other atrial and ventricular rhythms. Ending with three different patient case studies, this course will challenge your knowledge of multiple cardiac rhythm disturbances!

1 CE Credit - $20

Peeking Below the Surface: Understanding Hemodynamics

Peek below the surface of what are often considered basic vital signs to explore what noninvasive hemodynamic findings can tell the emergency nurse. These findings can help to identify subtle signs and symptoms that could lead to more serious problems. This course includes case studies to review equipment setup, normal parameters, how to best address abnormal findings, and how to troubleshoot common issues with these devices to ensure that you are using accurate information.

2 CE Credits - $40

Cardiogenic Shock: A Case Study Approach

Cardiogenic shock is a complex pathology with a variety of underlying causes and a mortality rate of about 50%. When a patient presents to the emergency department in shock, it can be difficult to determine what type of shock they are in while also trying to stabilize them quickly and efficiently. Throughout this course, you will get a broad overview of shock as well as an in-depth examination of the hemodynamics, pathophysiology, diagnostics, and appropriate treatment of cardiogenic shock as you follow three patient case studies.

2 CE Credits - $40


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