The Value of Certification

Board certified nurses working across the emergency spectrum have never been more essential—or more valued.

Board certification is …

A mark of excellence based on rigorous national standards that validate a nurse’s specialty knowledge, skills and clinical judgment

In health care’s most complex and dynamic environments—whether you are delivering adult or pediatric emergency care, flight or critical care ground transport, or trauma care—earning and maintaining emergency nursing specialty certification demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning and always being at your best when it matters the most.

An achievement that delivers the power of confidence, personal satisfaction and career success

The pride, sense of accomplishment and self-confidence that come with knowing you are at the very top of your profession deliver unparalleled personal satisfaction. Being a certified nurse distinguishes you among your peers, allows you to serve as a role model, and sets you up for advancement and optimal career success.

Recognized, respected and sought after by employers … and most importantly, patients and their families

Board certification assures employers, patients and their families and the public that you are an expert in your specialty who stays on top of the latest advances and best practices, so you can deliver the safest, most efficient and highest quality care possible.

And that’s what we call impact.

BCEN Nurse Journey

No matter where you are in your nursing career, the road to certification and lifelong learning can be exciting and rewarding! Let’s see where you should merge onto the road and which opportunities are available for you along your route!

Let’s take a journey together!


Road map illustration

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