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At BCEN, we are proud to offer not just our robust certification exams, but also a vast tool chest of support materials for nurses and their supervisors. Here you will find quick, easy links to download the information you need — to prepare for your exam, to offer support to your nursing team and to discover the benefits and value of emergency nursing certification. These resources are provided to simplify and optimize the certification journey. We invite you to explore, learn and get ready for certified success!

White Papers

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide information and resources to nurses seeking certification and employers seeking to support certification for their nurses, BCEN is publishing a series of free white papers for emergency nurses, ED leaders, and hospital and health system administrators. Our first two white papers are available for free download.

White Paper For Emergency Nurses

“5 Compelling Reasons to Get (and Keep) Your Emergency Nursing Specialty Certification: A White Paper for Emergency Nurses

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Nurse White Paper Highlights Presentation

“5 Compelling Reasons to Get (and Keep) Your Emergency Nursing Specialty Certification”

A presentation formatted to showcase the highlights of our White Paper.

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White Paper For Emergency Department Leaders

Take Your Department to the Next Level with Board Certified Emergency Nurses: A Special Report for ED Leaders & Hospital Administrators”

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Administrator White Paper Highlights Presentation

“Take Your Emergency Department to the Next Level with Board Certified Emergency Nurses.”

A presentation formatted to showcase the highlights of our White Paper.

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BCEN’s Newest Whitepaper!

White Paper For Nurse Leaders and Educators

Support Your Emergency Nurses to Board Certified Success: A Step-by-Step Guide”

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Digital Marketing Materials

Need quick, easily accessible information on the products and services offered by BCEN? Look no further! These materials put all the facts at your fingertips. Learn more about the certification process, how to maintain your certification and the benefits and value of pursuing board certification from BCEN — the benchmark in emergency nursing certification. Simply click to download. These one-sheets are a free asset provided to you by BCEN.


BCEN offers five accredited exams to take nurses to the next level in their career. From pediatric to transport and trauma, there’s a certification to fit every emergency nurse. Discover which certification is right for you, right here.

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Recertification Options

Your certification. Your way. At BCEN, we make it easy to maintain your certification, either be re-taking your certification exam or by CE attestation. Learn more about the requirements, deadlines and best practices for each recertification method here.

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Practice Exams

Test preparation can feel overwhelming for nurses pursuing certification, but at BCEN, we’ve got you covered. Our practice exams are authentic, comprehensive and give you a realistic test-taking experience. Find out how you can be prepped and ready for your exam.

SPECIAL OFFER: All Practice Exam costs have been reduced to $40 in honor of BCEN’s 40th Anniversary. Offer is valid for all of 2020!

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The Impact of Certification

Opportunities for promotion and compensation. Confidence and self-worth. Efficiency and accuracy. And most importantly, improved patient outcomes. All are benefits of board certification. Explore the value of BCEN certification to your career, your organization or your patients right here.

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Journey to Certification Kits

Whether you’re a nurse or an administrator, BCEN offers the tools you need to make certified success a reality!

Make Your Case Toolkit

The BCEN Make Your Case Toolkit is a FREE resource available to nurses who want to talk with their administrators about the benefits of certification, and make a case for financial, professional and moral support.

Inside the Make Your Case Toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Facts on the impact of board certification from BCEN … on your career, your organization and your patients
  • Information on the certifications you might be considering
  • Materials to present to your administrator outlining benefits, value and possible cost savings
  • Much more!

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Support Your Nurses Toolkit

The BCEN Support Your Nurses Toolkit gives you a research-based overview of the true value of certification, along with materials that will help you encourage and support your nurses while they work to achieve more.

Inside the Support Your Nurses Toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Facts on the impact of board certification from BCEN … on your ED, your patients and your nurses
  • Information on the certifications your nurses might be considering
  • Materials outlining benefits, value and possible cost savings
  • Break room posters to promote the value of certification to your team

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BCEN EDvantage and the Candidate’s Journey

From graduation to certification. BCEN EDvantage and the Candidate’s Journey will take you through the steps to plot your course to success – no matter where you are on your journey.


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Nurse Recognition Kit

Let them know you’re a fan.

Whether you hang a poster in the break room or write a heartfelt note to a team member, with the help of this recognition kit, your nurses will know how valued they are.

Board certified emergency nurses put in endless hard work and tireless dedication to being the best they can be. They do it because nursing is their calling — one they have answered with sincere passion and drive. They do it in the air and on the ground, with young patients and traumatic situations.

This kit is our gift to you. It gives you a toolbox full of shareable elements to recognize and thank your emergency nurses for the work they do in the ED and beyond.

Inside the kit, you’ll find:

  • Printable posters and flyers
  • Social graphics for multiple platforms with suggested posts
  • A recognition certificate designed for board certified emergency nurses
  • A customizable email template

Your nurses inspire you every day. Download the kit and let them know.

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BCEN Value of CEN® Certification Research Study

As part of our ongoing commitment to promote, support and advance certification research, BCEN commissioned a rigorous, large-scale study on the value of CEN® certification. This first-of-its-kind study was based on responses from over 8,800 certified and non-certified emergency nurses and over 1,000 over their supervisors. Read study highlights below.

Read highlights of the study.


Emergency/Trauma/Transport Nursing Workforce Study

BCEN joined forces with MedEvac Foundation and partner organizations to gain a better understanding of the current state of the emergency nursing workforce and gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of nurses who identify as emergency, transport and trauma nurses and the issues they face.

Practice Exams

They say practice makes perfect, but in this case, practice makes certified! We can’t state enough the value in making one of our BCEN® practice exams a vital part of your study planning and preparation.

So, why should you schedule a BCEN practice exam prior to certification testing?

  • There are practice exams available in nearly all of our certification areas of specialization, including CEN®, CFRN®, CPEN®, and TCRN®.
  • Practice exams are written by qualified nurses, certified in each exam’s specialization.
  • Practice exams offer the most updated information (as of January, 2019), in a format that feels very similar to the actual certification exam.
  • At 150 questions, practice exams are comprehensive, and give you an authentic experience.
  • You can take the exam in practice mode, with detailed explanations and resources, or in certification mode for a true-to-life experience.
  • Receive a score report with recommendations on focus areas for your certification exam.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly, self-paced and affordable way to prepare for your exam.

BCEN practice exams are the perfect fit for every nurse looking to achieve board certification through BCEN. Whether you’re making your first attempt, or hoping to recertify, practice exams are one of the most effective ways to ensure you’re prepared for success!

Practice exams are available to purchase in every certification. Once you’re ready to begin your certification journey, check out our online practice exams to purchase and take your exam.

Note: BCEN makes no guarantees as to the success of a candidate that has taken a practice exam. Taking a practice exam is not required to be eligible to sit for any BCEN exam.

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Tackling Test Anxiety Guided Online Course

We’re pleased to introduce a new online test prep course produced by our partners at Sandstone, “Tackling Test Anxiety: A Guided Online Course.” This web-based class is an easy way to learn how to manage anxiety, with tactics that address:

  • Increasing your confidence in advance of your exam
  • Identifying the true source of your anxiety
  • Dealing with intrusive and disruptive thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Managing the impact that stress and anxiety has on your physical well-being

Click here to purchase the course

*The price of the course may vary due to occasional promotions on the Udemy online video course site.

Still need some support when it comes to managing your test anxiety? We’ve put together some answers to your toughest test jitters questions, along with information on how to handle them. Get tips, strategies and more at:

YES YOU CAN! Get Certified Employee Exam Voucher Program

The YES YOU CAN! Voucher program is a great way to encourage the nurses in your department to pursue certification. It’s easy to think about all the reasons you “can’t” get certified … but we’re giving you one great reason you can do it! Our voucher program is open to both employers and groups of nurses, and allows you to purchase exam vouchers in bulk … at a great discount!

Purchase vouchers, read up on FAQs, and learn more about the benefits of buying in bulk by clicking the button below.

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Candidate Handbook

Everything you need to know for certified success!

Already know the benefits of certification, but need more information on how the process actually works? Our BCEN Candidate Handbook gives you all the details in one convenient document. Determine your eligibility, read more about each certification and learn about recommendations on experience, skills and more. Plus, discover how to register, purchase and schedule your exam, along with all the facts you’ll need to know for your testing day. Download now and start planning your path to certification.

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