Get the “Support Your Nurses” Toolkit

The foundation for a successful team is successful nurses.
The foundation for successful nurses is certification.
The foundation for successful certification is your support.

Board certification from BCEN has been shown in studies to improve the efficiency, confidence and capability of emergency, flight and trauma nurses, the impacts of which are felt throughout your organization. Smoother operations, higher standards of care, and better patient outcomes — all are the result of employing and supporting board certified emergency nurses.

Have you noticed any of your nurses going above and beyond? Displaying a dedication to being the best in their field? Consistently demonstrating a keen knowledge, while offering compassionate care to every patient? If so, you may have a future certified emergency nurse on your team!

We’ve compiled some resources that will help you nurture your nurses’ potential and support them in their pursuit of board certification from BCEN.

Inside the Support Your Nurses Toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Facts on the impact of board certification from BCEN … on your ED, your patients and your nurses
  • Information on the certifications your nurses might be considering
  • Materials outlining benefits, value and possible cost savings
  • Break room posters to promote the value of certification to your team
  • Much more!

Download the toolkit now and Support Your Nurses.