Retired Designation

BCEN realizes how hard you worked for your certification and the importance of maintaining it.

If you are a current BCEN credential holder in good standing, and are retiring from nursing practice but wish to maintain your certification, you may apply for the retired designation in your specialty area.

Individuals granted retired status may use the appropriate credential after their name to indicate their certification status at the time of their retirement from nursing practice and/or teaching.

Example: “Jane Doe, RN, CEN(Ret)”

We encourage you to consider carefully before changing to a retired designation. Retired designees must remain fully retired, no longer employed in nursing practice or teaching. A return to nursing practice or teaching forfeits the retired designation.


To be eligible for the retired designation applicants must:

  • Hold a current BCEN certification and have held the BCEN certification for at least 4 consecutive years or one certification term prior to applying
  • Hold a current unrestricted RN license, and
  • Be retired or planning on retiring from nursing practice including teaching

Registration and Fee

Submit the Retired Designation Application online via your BCEN Account at least 60 days prior to retirement and expiration of your current certification. There is a one-time fee of $75 and is valid for as long as you stay retired.

Retired designation is considered effective the day of application processing. A certificate of retired designation will be mailed to you.

Continuing Requirements and Recertification

Retired designees must remain fully retired, no longer employed in nursing practice or teaching. If a retired designee returns to nursing practice, including teaching, the retired designation will be forfeited. Retired designees must notify BCEN of any change in employment circumstances that would render the individual ineligible for a retired designation (e.g., a return to nursing practice or teaching.). If the designee returns to nursing practice and wants to earn a BCEN credential, the individual must sit for and pass the appropriate BCEN certification exam.

Retired status designees must use the designation with the (Ret) suffix, and may not portray themselves as a current BCEN credential holder.


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