They are powerful. They are tough. They are dedicated to helping others.

They are the stars of your ED. They’re board certified emergency nurses.

Let them know you’re a fan.

Whether you hang a poster in the break room, pass out flyers (with some bonus donuts!), or write a heartfelt note to a team member, with the help of this recognition kit, your nurses will know how valued they are.

Board certified emergency nurses put in endless hard work and tireless dedication to being the best they can be. They do it because nursing is their calling – one they have answered with sincere passion and drive. They transport in the air and on the ground, with young patients and traumatic situations.

This kit is our gift to you. It gives you a toolbox full of shareable elements to recognize and thank your emergency nurses for the work they do in the ED and beyond.

Inside the kit, you’ll find:

  • Printable posters and flyers
  • Social graphics for multiple platforms with suggested posts
  • A recognition certificate designed for board certified emergency nurses
  • A customizable email template

Your nurses inspire you every day. Download the kit and let them know.