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BCEN to Introduce Burn Nursing Specialty Credential

Read the latest news about the CBRN burn nursing certification program – including the publication of the CBRN exam content outline, plus the next steps on the way to the CBRN being introduced in 2023.


BCEN Honors Outstanding Performance

Read about the BCEN 2022 National Certification Champion Award winners in the November print issue of AirMed&Rescue.

Minority Nurse

Emergency Nurses: Steady in Chaos

An Emergency Nurses Week 2022 tribute to emergency nurses everywhere, including how professional association involvement and specialty certification help emergency nurses stay steady and succeed in the dynamic, challenging and rewarding emergency nursing specialty.


AirMed&Rescue Speaks to Rebecca Steinmann and Allen Wolfe: Reaching New Heights

Chairperson Rebecca Steinmann and Chairperson-Elect Allen Wolfe share how BCEN is expanding its reaching online and in the real world and how it adapted to the pandemic. (In addition to the online version of the interview linked above, this article also appears on pages 52-55 of AM&R’s June 2022 print edition here.)