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BCEN-certified nurses Everett Moss, Juli Verkler, Austin Johnson, Sadao Nakachi and Caitlin VanderMeel are using social media as a force for good to inspire, teach and support nurses of every age and career stage. Learn how you can follow them … and maybe even follow in their footsteps.

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BCEN Learn Nursing Education Platform Introduces Gamification

New video highlights how interactive technologies featured in every BCEN Learn emergency nursing CE course boosts learning and two multi-player games are now featured on the award-winning BCEN Learn online platform.


BCEN Online Learning Platform Celebrates First Anniversary

One year from the launch of BCEN Learn, the award-winning emergency nursing professional development platform now features triple the CE courses and two unlimited multi-player games. This article highlights the most popular CE course topics to date.

Lake County Examiner

Lake District Hospital Receives Recognition

Lake District Hospital recently received special recognition with a visit from representatives of the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN).