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World’s First Burn Nursing Specialty Certification Now Available

As part of the launch of BCEN’s Certified Burn Registered Nurse (CBRN) specialty certification, burn nurse experts along with American Burn Association and BCEN leadership discuss the historical, personal and professional significance of the CBRN as well as how CBRN-certified nurses will contribute to burn care and impact patient outcomes.

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Creating Lightbulb Moments in Trauma Education

Trauma Program Manager and 2023 BCEN Distinguished TCRN Jordan Tyczka talks about building trauma education, trauma team engagement, and how the interactive trauma escape room she developed is raising the trauma IQ of nurses across her hospital.

Loudoun Now

Inova’s Tyczka Wins 2023 Distinguished Trauma Nurse Award

BCEN 2023 Distinguished TCRN Award winner Jordan Tyczka is honored by BCEN leadership, her Inova Loudoun colleagues, her local community (with a special resolution from the city government), and family and friends.

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BCEN Names 2023 Distinguished Award Winners

Meet the extraordinary nurses who are this year’s BCEN Distinguished Award winners and get inspired by their commitment to certified excellence in every specialty, from adult/mixed emergency, pediatric emergency and trauma to flight and critical care ground transport.