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Atlanta Journal-Constitution Pulse

First Burn Specialty Certification Expected in 2023

AJC’s Pulse magazine for nurses practicing in the Southeast talks about the burn nursing credential BCEN is developing. After collaborating with the American Burn Association on the initial development of the certification program, BCEN plans to launch the Certified Burn Registered Nurse (CBRN) in mid-2023.

Daily Nurse

BCEN Announces Burn Nursing Specialty Certification for 2023

In advance of Certified Nurse Day, Daily Nurse features BCEN’s plans to offer the Certified Burn Registered Nurse (CBRN) credential and shares milestones leading into the development of the certification program.

Minority Nurse

Critical Care Transport Nurses Thrive on Challenges

Minority Nurse highlights the unique challenges and rewards of being a critical care transport nurses, as well as what it takes to succeed as a flight or ground transport nurse, including aiming to earn the CFRN or CTRN credential.

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