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Heartstrings, Hugs and Healing: Reflections on Becoming a Certified Pediatric Nurse

Written by: Rebecca Steinmann

Rebecca Steinmann, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital ED clinical nurse specialist and BCEN Board Chairperson-Elect, shares her insights on embarking on a career as a pediatric emergency nurse, including the importance of becoming a CPEN. Early-career ED nurse and first-time CPEN, Catherine Fitt, talks about how to get your start and what you can expect as a pediatric emergency nurse, biggest challenges and rewards, and more. (Image courtesy of: NSNA/Imprint)

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BCEN announces 2020-2021 board

  • BCEN announces 2020-2021 board of directors, chaired by Kyle Madigan, MSN, RN, CEN, CFRN, CTRN, CCRN, CMTE, director, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.
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Working as a Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse

Pediatric emergency nurse Cara Szeglin, BSN, RN, CPEN, talks about the joys, challenges and rewards of working in the emergency department at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and why she chose to get board certified early in her career.

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Conquering Test Anxiety (and How Not to Let it Conquer You)

Written by: Christina L. Aranda, Janell M. Mihelic and Janie Schumaker

BCEN’s Janie Schumaker teamed up with test anxiety experts Dr. Christina Aranda and Dr. Janell Mihelic to help nursing students and nurses everywhere:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of test anxiety
  • Learn how to manage anxiety before, during and after tests and exams

View a complete list of test anxiety tips and other resources on BCEN’s Tackling Test Anxiety page.


Get up to Speed on Transport Nursing

Learn about transport nursing from one of the world’s leading experts and innovators in flight nursing, BCEN board member and board certified flight nurse extraordinaire, Allen Wolfe, and follow nursing student Dylan McCloud as he shadows a LifeNet 2-2 flight crew.

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Specialty Certification Really Matters and a Life Could Depend on It

BCEN’s Janie Schumaker describes a turning point that happened during one fateful ED night shift early in her career. The article also describes why employers, nurse leaders and nurses value specialty certification with highlights from BCEN’s landmark Value of Certification study that surveyed over 8,800 certified and noncertified emergency nurses and over 1,000 nurse leaders.