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Course Spotlight

Course Spotlight

Ventilators (AC, IMV and PEEP, oh my!)

The contribution that mechanical ventilation can make to sustaining life is monumental. Broken down to its simplest form, the ventilator is used to push air into the lungs — usually when the patient is unable to adequately meet their own needs. Using a variety of maneuvers, the ventilator can also enhance the lung’s ability to exchange gases. This course will discuss indications for mechanical ventilation, basic ventilator settings and management of the patient on a ventilator.

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It's Important for ED Nurses to Earn and Maintain Specialty Certification

Supervisors agreed or strongly agreed on the benefit, value and importance of obtaining and maintaining emergency nursing specialty certification.

92% say it's important to have professional, certified ED nurses in my organization.
93% say it's important for ED nurses to maintain their certification.
95% say the CEN is valuable to the ED nursing profession.
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