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With BCEN Learn, nurses can access interactive, up-to-date and cost-effective offerings designed by real nurses and subject matter experts.

This all-in-one learning platform is designed to offer nurses relevant, quality continuing education credits in a variety of formats consisting of:

Interactive Courses

Course Bundles

Practice Exams

Exam-Style Games

Live Webinars


Respiratory care and continuing education has become increasingly more essential in the last year and a half. Earn 5 CEs when you complete these four respiratory-related courses on BCEN Learn!


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It's Important for ED Nurses to Earn and Maintain Specialty Certification

Supervisors agreed or strongly agreed on the benefit, value and importance of obtaining and maintaining emergency nursing specialty certification.

92% say it's important to have professional, certified ED nurses in my organization.
93% say it's important for ED nurses to maintain their certification.
95% say the CEN is valuable to the ED nursing profession.
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