BCEN Certification Verification

Qualified. Certified. Verified.

How to acquire primary-source verification for employers and hiring managers

Whether you’re a nurse preparing for a job search, or a prospective employer seeking to validate candidates, primary-source verification is an essential part of the hiring process within the healthcare industry. Verification from the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing allows job seekers to easily and accurately provide their credentials to potential employers, and assures hiring managers that their staff, new hires and applicants have earned their BCEN board certification as indicated.

BCEN has simplified the verification process while maintaining the highest standard of accuracy and accountability. We have reduced the potential for fraud and misuse of BCEN certification credentials, so employers and job candidates alike can place their confidence in our verification services.

We offer two paths to verification for all BCEN certifications (CEN®, CFRN®, CPEN®, CTRN®, and TCRN®):  Digital Badging and a Credential Verification Request.  Both are outlined below.

Hiring managers: share this information with the candidates you’d like to verify.

Nurses: follow the steps as outlined to receive verification and easily share with prospective employers.

Option One: Digital Badging

BCEN provides digital badges to all credential holders for use on resumes, LinkedIn, email signatures and more. 

The Digital Badge Verification Process

  1. Credential holders must retrieve their digital badge from Credly at info.credly.com.
  2. Credly will send an email with a link to claim you badge.
  3. Should you not receive an email allowing you to claim your badge, contact BCEN at 877-302-2236 for assistance.
  4. The credential holder can then share their badge through their Credly account via email or social media.
  5. Clicking on the digital badge will safely and securely provide the credential holder’s latest certification data including status, issue and expiration dates and skills needed to achieve your credential.
  6. Alternately, the credential holder may download and print a PDF of their badge. The printed certificate includes issue and expiration dates and skills needed to achieve your credential.

Option Two: Credential Verification Request

A verification request allows the credential holder to receive proof of certification directly from BCEN. As with Digital Badge Verification, the responsibility to share the verification report is with the credential holder.

The Credential Verification Request Process

  1. Credential holder must log in to their account located on the BCEN website.
  2. Once on My Dashboard, they will access the Credential Verification Request through the My Account tab.
  3. The credential holder can then create a new request and enter an email address for their prospective employer or hiring manager to share the credential with them directly.
  4. After submitting the request, managers/employers will receive an email containing the candidate’s credential information. This includes type of certification, status and expiration date.  Candidates will receive a copy of this email for their records.

Either option provides the verification information required by employers, requested and shared by credential holders. If you have any further questions about the verification process, please do not hesitate to contact us.