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Emergency nursing is more than a job. It’s more than a profession. It’s even more than a passion. It’s your calling. And your reasons for answering this calling are as unique and individual as you are. All of you want to help and care for others, but you do it in so many amazing ways. Some of you rush into disasters in the back of an ambulance. Some of you fly to danger without a thought for yourself. Some of you care for our most vulnerable population – our children. And some of you manage the chaos of a busy ED with limitless patience and grace.

However you do what you do, we want to hear why you do it!

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Denira English Headshot

My why is simple... I love a challenge. I challenged myself to be the best I could be for my profession. I challenged myself to gain as much knowledge as I could that would be beneficial not only to me but to my patients. I love being a certified nurse!

Denira English , CEN, CPEN

My grandfather died in an ER due to the lack of urgency and recognition of symptoms. I made a commitment to him and myself that I would never allow for that to happen and my journey began. I started working at Baptist Hospital of Miami as a patient transporter, then CNA, then bedside ED RN, and now Assistant Nurse Manager in ED and Flight Nurse for Monroe County Fire Rescue. I do this every day because everyone wants their loved ones to come home and sometimes nurses can greatly impact that. No greater feeling than knowing I did all I could to make a difference in that patient and family's life.

Obed Bello , CEN

Because on a Medical-Surgical floor, we are not as in tune with the signs and symptoms of a deteriorating patient. The CEN has helped me recognize those symptoms early giving me the knowledge and confidence to intervene early before it is too late.

Kelley Watson , CEN
Sarah Daykin Headshot

I love nursing but Pediatric ER gives me the opportunity to be there and care for the kids in our community. Be it a stubbed toe or the worst day of a parent's life. I can be there giving my all, ensuring all kids are safe, receiving the best care and are never alone even if their parents cannot be present.

Sarah Daykin , CPEN, TCRN
Theresa Skrobe Headshot

Obtaining my CEN certification shows a commitment to the specialty of emergency nursing.

Theresa Skrobe , CEN
Deborah Spann Headshot

Certification in my area is important to know that I have the knowledge to specialize in ER nursing.

Deborah Spann , CEN
Katarzyna Krol Headshot

I chose to be a specialist in my home unit, the ED/trauma center. Being someone my colleagues turn to when in doubt makes me feel like I make a difference in my hospital.

Katarzyna Krol , CEN, TCRN
Allen Wolfe Headshot

It is rush hour and the traffic is backed up for an overturned vehicle on the highway near the nation’s capital. The traffic is blocked and a landing zone is set up for the helicopter. As you land and exit the helicopter all eyes are on you and your partner. The patient and the EMS personnel are depending on you to help a patient you will be meeting on the worst day of their lives. Whatever the injuries may be, I have confidence from my training and advanced certification, the CFRN. The CFRN validates my knowledge as a flight nurse. The patient can rest assured they are getting the best care.

Allen Wolfe , CFRN, CTRN
Mary Whelan Headshot

Initially, I wanted to bring my best to the bedside each day. Currently, I’m enticing coworkers to achieve the same distinction.

Mary Whelan , CEN
Steven Talbot Headshot

I initially achieved certification so that I could evolve and advance in the profession of Emergency Nursing and be able to demonstrate high practice values. I continue to recertify and have active involvement in BCEN so that I can promote certification, which helps nurses grow in their career, achieve professional and personal goals, and demonstrate the highest knowledge when caring for patients.

Steven Talbot , CEN, TCRN
Elizabeth Fuller Headshot

Being certified in Emergency Nursing is important to me because it confirms that I have the experience and knowledge base that is required to care for a broad range of medical issues in which our patients present. It’s always been a personal and professional goal for me!

Elizabeth Fuller , CEN
Jeanette Pascale Headshot

After I was in the ER for a year, my manager encouraged me to take the CEN exam. What a very proud moment for me when I passed and had my name placed on the CEN plaque in our ED. I’ve since obtained my CPEN and CTRN. Certification communicates to our patients and colleagues that we value quality care. Maintaining these certifications keeps me current and relevant in the care I provide.

Jeanette Pascale , CEN, CPEN, CTRN
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