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Steven Talbot Headshot

I initially achieved certification so that I could evolve and advance in the profession of Emergency Nursing and be able to demonstrate high practice values. I continue to recertify and have active involvement in BCEN so that I can promote certification, which helps nurses grow in their career, achieve professional and personal goals, and demonstrate the highest knowledge when caring for patients.

Steven Talbot , CEN, TCRN
Elizabeth Fuller Headshot

Being certified in Emergency Nursing is important to me because it confirms that I have the experience and knowledge base that is required to care for a broad range of medical issues in which our patients present. It’s always been a personal and professional goal for me!

Elizabeth Fuller , CEN
Jeanette Pascale Headshot

After I was in the ER for a year, my manager encouraged me to take the CEN exam. What a very proud moment for me when I passed and had my name placed on the CEN plaque in our ED. I’ve since obtained my CPEN and CTRN. Certification communicates to our patients and colleagues that we value quality care. Maintaining these certifications keeps me current and relevant in the care I provide.

Jeanette Pascale , CEN, CPEN, CTRN
Jennifer Whelan Headshot

I was drawn to ER nursing out of a desire to provide help to people when they are at their most vulnerable – to make the worst day of their lives a little bit less scary. I became certified so I can be confident in my ability to provide the best possible help.

Jennifer Whelan , CEN
Diane King Headshot

I enjoy the fast pace of working in the ER and I am committed to ED nursing. Being certified in this area of practice helps keep me current and on task with trends and evidence-based practice.

Diane King , CEN, CPEN
Jodie Bragg Headshot

It was important to me to become certified to know that I was doing all that I could to prepare myself to take the best care of any patient who came into our ER. You just never know what a shift in the ER will bring!

Jodie Bragg , CEN
Miguel Oritz-Reyes Headshot

The ER always fascinated me! I watched all the ER shows growing up and wanted to experience it firsthand. It may not be all glitz and glamour like Hollywood, but caring for patients in the ER is quite a rewarding role.

Miguel Oritz-Reyes , CEN
Ottilia Lewis Headshot

I love being able to be there for someone on the worst day of their life. Unfortunately for trauma patients, the worst day of their life can extend for days, weeks, and even months. That’s why I love being TCRN certified because I can continue to give excellent trauma care even after the patient leaves the ED. As they heal from their injuries, I am able to give support to both the patient and their families. Our jobs are not easy, we see the worst of the worst, but knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life is worth all of the heartache and tears. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Ottilia Lewis , TCRN

I love ER because you have to keep on your toes. That being said, triage is my favorite area to work as I feel it is truly the most crucial area. As a triage nurse, you have to make the right decisions efficiently and quickly, if you don't triage appropriately and correctly, those patients who have to wait to go in the back to be seen may die. This job is definitely underrated and I am so thankful for the wonderful mentors I have had at Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

Lois Denise Ketchum Cunnigham , CEN

I believe that sharing my skills and what I know matters. And through volunteerism, I am able to share my light and help illuminate the path and empower others even beyond the realms of the healthcare and where my help is needed the most. As a certified Nurse, I am committed to learning and providing the best and safest care no matter where I am and whatever situation.

Marvin Delfin , CEN, TCRN, CPEN

I love having my TCRN and CEN certifications because they help me feel equipped to handle whatever emergency the day may throw my way. I feel prepared, knowledgeable, and up to date on current best practice guidelines. I am so proud to be a part of this elite group of nurses!

Mallory Robalino , CEN, TCRN
Raymond VanCleaf Headshot

As a new grad, I was drawn to the Emergency Dept. because it gave me the opportunity to care for such a vast population of people. Patients ranging from birth to the elderly, with complaints ranging from simple ailments to life-threatening trauma. No day would be the same. That was where I wanted to be.

Raymond VanCleaf , CEN, CFRN
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