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Emergency nursing is more than a job. It’s more than a profession. It’s even more than a passion. It’s your calling. And your reasons for answering this calling are as unique and individual as you are. All of you want to help and care for others, but you do it in so many amazing ways. Some of you rush into disasters in the back of an ambulance. Some of you fly to danger without a thought for yourself. Some of you care for our most vulnerable population – our children. And some of you manage the chaos of a busy ED with limitless patience and grace.

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Tim Thoman Headshot

I was a new graduate nurse coming from the EMS world. Lots of my coworkers didn't want to take me seriously. In less than a year, I was CEN certified, I later was one of the first 600 CPEN's, and returning to my roots I obtained my CTRN also. I believe it provides the best possible care and knowledge to serve our patients.

Tim Thoman , CEN, CPEN, TCRN
Yulier Fleitas Headshot

I decided to become certified when I found out the Emergency Department was the area that I am most passionate about. With my certification, my patients and families know that I am committed to progressing in my field and providing compassionate and excellent care.

Yulier Fleitas , CEN

I am currently working as a trauma nurse in the United States Army, serving in a combat support hospital overseas. I have been deployed to the Middle East to be employed in support of troops stationed in various countries, and every few years I relocate to serve as an emergency room nurse wherever the Army sends me. I love my profession, I love dedicating my life in service to others. My CEN allows me to serve with professionalism and dignity.

Darrel Davis , CEN
Cristy Galvin Headshot

I started my emergency nursing career in the psychiatric ED and I love being able to provide comfort and care to the most vulnerable adult and pediatric patients. Obtaining BCEN certification has allowed me to enhance my professional skill set in providing high quality, evidence-based nursing care to all my patients.

Cristy Galvin , CEN, CPEN, TCRN

I was once told by a great nurse who I look up to that your job does not own your resume, you do. That pushed me to earn extra certifications that have to do with what I deal with daily at work.

Jennifer Stump , CEN, TCRN
Katarina Venner Headshot

I decided to take the plunge and study for the CEN. After being a nurse for two and a half years, this was my first major step in becoming a flight nurse. I learned a TON while studying for this exam and plan to sit for more certifications soon.

Katarina Venner , CEN

I finally got the job I was dreaming of, a flight nurse, and I started looking for national certifications. When I met one of my peers for the first time they said I should get my CFRN. Challenge accepted. :) After I passed that one I thought it would be great to get another, then another, etc. I now have all five of them and have loved the trip so far.

Michael Lovelace , CEN, CFRN, CPEN, CTRN, TCRN

The pride and satisfaction of knowing I have the knowledge to pass an exam. At 60, I still got it!

Marcy Dawson , CEN, CFRN, CTRN)
Matthew Owen Headshot

Making a positive difference, often during your patient's worst times, is an incredible reward for the work we do every day.

Matthew Owen , CEN, CPEN
Debora Clark Headshot

I wanted to expand on my expertise in emergency nursing. This effort empowered me to continue to provide the best patient care. Continuing education hours for renewals allow me an up to date, best practice knowledge base so that I continue to provide quality, efficient, and effective healthcare to all.

Debora Clark , CEN, CPEN
Meredith Addison Headshot

I wanted to become a Certified Emergency Nurse to demonstrate knowledge for the specialty. I wanted to know more about all we do and to do it well.

Meredith Addison , CEN
April Nguyen Headshot

I became and remain certified to prove to myself and share with those who ask what those three letters mean that I am an emergency nurse at my core and passionate about my nursing role. I hunger to always know more so I can provide the BEST and most safe, EBP innovative care! As a Forensic Nurse Examiner and Flight Nurse, my patients deserve the most elite care possible and what I attain to maintain certification permits methe knowledge and skill to provide that.

April Nguyen , CEN
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