YES YOU CAN! Get Certified Employer Exam Voucher Program

Help develop your team with the BCEN YES YOU CAN! Employer Program.

The research is clear. Certification leads to a more sufficient ED, more confident and capable nurses and better patient outcomes. Build your team of knowledgeable, highly engaged and dedicated nurses.

The BCEN Employer Exam Voucher Program now offers a way to make certification attainable to as many nurses as possible. This program offers significant discounts for organizations purchasing as few as 3 vouchers at a time. An authorized buyer can purchase vouchers and manage their program via online reports, all from their BCEN Account dashboard.

Get your nurses certified and keep them certified.

A BCEN Exam Voucher:

  • can be used only once.
  • is used for any of the BCEN certifications, whether it is an initial exam, recertification by CE attestation or exam, or a retest exam.
  • is valid for 12 months and non-refundable.

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Pricing Designed to Meet Your Organizational Goals

Number of VouchersRegular Price Per VoucherYES YOU CAN! Discounted Price Per Voucher
Tier 1: 3-10 test vouchers$370$195
Tier 2: 11-20 test vouchers $370$190
Tier 3: 21+ vouchers$370$185

Discounts are based on the quantity per order.

Payment can be made by credit card or check. Vouchers will be received immediately via email if paying by credit card. If paying by a company check – there will be a delay until the check is received and processed by BCEN.

Savings Calculator

Calculate the savings for your organization with our discounted voucher program. A minimum of three (3) vouchers is required.

Price% savings vs. regular price
Exam Fee - Regular Price
ENA, STN, and ASTNA Member price:
YES YOU CAN! Discounted price:

How to Get Started

This video walks you through the process of purchasing vouchers.

Employer Process

Simple steps to become an authorized buyer for your organization.

1. Log into your BCEN account (or create one if you’re a first-time user)

2. Hover over Employer Program and click on Voucher Management.

3. First time purchasers must Link Your Organization and attest that you are authorized to buy for your organization. You will only have to link your organization once.

4. Once authorized, click Buy Vouchers next to your organization’s name.

5. It is your responsibility to track the individuals that are given vouchers.

6. You will be able to track voucher use and if the exam was passed/failed within the reports.


Candidate Process

1. Receive the unique voucher number and store in a safe place.

2. Submit a BCEN exam application and use the voucher instead of a form of payment.

3. You will have a zero dollar application.

4. Once your application is approved, you have 90-days to sit for the exam.

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