InstaCrew Information

Welcome to the BCEN InstaCrew! As part of your duties, we’re asking you to provide posts with photos and captions. Don’t wait to create your posts in the moment — start snapping shots and creating content now!

Here’s How it Works:

  • Snap the photo you feel best captures each of the content suggestions below.
  • Write a caption that sums up the image, and be sure to include all appropriate hashtags (suggestions below).
  • Compile your four monthly posts and submit them to by the 1st of the month in which they’re scheduled to be posted. We’ll review and give you the thumbs up to start posting them! By now, you should’ve already submitted your two posts for June.
  • Images should be no larger than 5 MB, and best practices for captions is around 200 words.

To get you started, we’ve put together an entire quarter of great ‘Gram ideas. Feel free to go above and beyond and add posts whenever inspiration strikes, but please include one post for all of the topics listed below.

Reminder: The character limit for Instagram is 2,200, not including hashtags. You can add up to 30 hashtags in the caption for each photo. We’d like for you to always include #BCENInstaCrew and #BCENCertifications, but here are some other recommended hashtags to get you started.
















Month One: June

Post One: Spread the Word

Chances are you’ve got a lot of followers who are also nurses. Or nursing students. Or nursing supervisors. We want you to help us get the word out about our mission and work at BCEN, and we ask that you encourage your followers to follow our page and share #BCENInstaCrew posts.

Example: BCEN is the benchmark for board certification in emergency, transport, and trauma nursing. Stay up on everything they’re doing (and check out my posts as part of the #BCENInstaCrew) by following them @bcencertifications. Don’t forget to like and share!


Post Two: Day in the Life

Give our followers an inside look at what you do all day … from the mundane to the thrilling. Whether it’s a shot of your lunch in the hospital cafeteria, your view from the helicopter or a quiet moment between caring for patients, we want to see it all!

Month Two: July

Post One: Best Part of the Day

It might be the moment you get home and exchange your scrubs for pajamas. Or it might be your first morning visit with a long-term patient. Whatever moment makes your day, we’d love for you to share it.


Post Two: Your Why

We know the immense value of board certification from BCEN, but we also know there are a million reasons nurses pursue their certification. We want you to share yours … in picture form. Find something that symbolizes the reason you decided to seek certification, and tell us your why. Don’t forget to hashtag #BCENMyWhy.


Post Three: Product Feature #2

Time to dig into that box of goodies and find a product to show off! Whether you’re using your selfie stick or showing off your new t-shirt, we can’t wait to see the creative ways you find to show off your exclusive BCEN InstaCrew merchandise.


Post Four: Inspire a Future Certified Nurse

Take a moment to share an inspirational message with a nurse who’s walking the same path you’ve taken to certification. Whether it’s a favorite quote or a message from the heart, share your best motivational moment for nurses who are still in the process of achieving their certification.

Month Three: August

Post One: Take Me Out to EN19

Planning on attending EN19 in Austin, Texas this year? Share a photo from a previous visit to EN, along with information on how to get registered for the annual breakfast hosted by BCEN at this year’s event.


Post Two: The Hardest Job in the World

We all know nurses are made of some pretty tough stuff. This is your chance to say thank you to all your fellow nurses for their tireless effort and overwhelming determination. Offer some inspirational words, or just offer your gratitude. Either way, these hard-working nurses (just like you!) deserve to be recognized.


Post Three: Get Out the Vote

We want you to recognize a nurse or hospital you think is deserving of one of our BCEN Distinguished Awards, honoring excellence, achievement and impact. Submit a nomination for the nurse you most look up to, and encourage our followers to do the same.


Post Four: Recognition Kit

Did you know BCEN offers a FREE recognition kit jam-packed with goodies for nurses who always go above and beyond — the ones certified by BCEN. This kit is easy to download and print, allowing you to customize the pieces you need. Take a screenshot of your favorite recognition piece and share it with the world! (Bonus points if you tag a nurse or two who deserve to be honored.)