International Credential Evaluation

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As our world gets smaller, our healthcare needs get bigger. Now, more than ever, we need qualified, dedicated and passionate certified nurses from around the globe. Even if you received your RN or equivalent degree outside the U.S., board certification from BCEN is still open to you. Your unique background and experiences will help shape the face of healthcare and nursing worldwide, and certification is your path to getting there. 

Do I qualify for BCEN International Credential Evaluation?

Review the questions below to see if the International Credential Evaluation is the right choice for you:

  • Did you receive your RN license or equivalent outside the U.S., a U.S. territory, Canada or Australia?
  • Are you planning on pursuing board certification from BCEN within the next 12 months? 
  • Are you certified in any other country, nation or territory outside the U.S., a U.S. territory, Canada or Australia? 

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are a great candidate for International Candidate Verification through our partner, CGFNS International, Inc. Begin your journey to certified success right here.

Do I need to go through this process if I already hold a BCEN certification and need to recertify?

Yes, all international candidates will need to complete this process, whether for initial or recertification applications.

This service has been put in place to uphold our standards of accreditation. It verifies that your degree or licensure aligns with current U.S., Canadian or Australian standards.

All international credentials now need to be verified before you can recertify or earn a new certification. When it’s time for you to recertify you’ll need to go through the International Credential Evaluation process, provided by our partner CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools). This process will need to be completed prior to your certification expiration date.


Take the Next Step

If you did not answer YES to any of the questions above, it doesn’t seem that you’re a candidate for International Credential Evaluation. If you aren’t sure why, contact us to learn more and discuss your certification options. If you already have an unrestricted U.S., U.S. territory, Canadian or Australian RN license, you can apply now for any of our certification exams!

You’ve come a long way in your journey. Now it’s Destination: Certified Success.

Whether you were born on the other side of the globe, or traveled abroad for your education, you can still have the same access to board certification from BCEN. International Credential Evaluation through our partner, CGFNS, will ensure that your education and licensure are equivalent to U.S. standards. Once verified, you’ll be qualified and eligible for BCEN certification.

Here, we’ve laid out your roadmap to certified success as an international certification candidate.


Your Journey to International Credential Evaluation:

Complete your RN or equivalent degree and licensure from any country

Tip: It is recommended you practice nursing in the field of your certification interest, for at least two years — however,  not required. 

Connect with CGFNS via the link below to begin your verification process
Create a CGFNS log-in and complete profile information
Complete and submit application and fee, then download forms to request transcripts and licensing information
Contact NotaryCam to verify documents and have them notarized

Applicable fees may be incurred through the notarization process.

NotaryCam submits your materials to CGFNS for review
Once your foreign degree and credentials are verified, CGFNS will provide you with a report detailing their findings
Create/Log-in to your BCEN account
Select “Create New Application” for the certification you are interested in. Choose “International” from the drop-down and type in the country in which you received your nursing certificate.
Upload your report to “In Process” BCEN Application
BCEN will review your documentation and ensure you have completed the CGFNS process in full. Once your International Licensure Equivalency has been approved by BCEN, complete the rest of your application and submit your exam fee.
Begin your certification journey by scheduling your BCEN exam through PSI.

Before you schedule your exam, choose which delivery mode is right for you.

Testing Center: Select your testing center, exam date and time with PSI Exams, BCEN’s test delivery provider, and schedule your exam appointment within your 90-day testing window.

Live Remote Proctor (LRP): Ensure you meet the requirements for LRP exams. Then, select your date and time to meet with a live remote proctor from your home, office, or other secure location that meets LRP requirements.

We strongly recommend that you decide on the date you want to sit for the exam and promptly schedule that date with PSI. 

Note: once an exam has been scheduled, a refund cannot be processed.


International Credential Evaluation FAQs

  • Why should I verify my foreign licensure/degree and pursue BCEN certification?

    Board certification from BCEN is the benchmark for quality, excellence and achievement in the arena of emergency, trauma and transport nursing. Board certification offers you unparalleled value, impacting your career, your organizations, the field of nursing and … most importantly … your patients. Certified nurses provide the best care, are generally more efficient and autonomous, bring value to their organization and improve patient outcomes.

  • Why can’t I just register for a BCEN exam?

    BCEN originated in the U.S. 40 years ago, growing to become a robust, recognized and respected standard for excellence in board certification. As many facets of our industry become more global, we saw a need to expand our offerings to nurses who have originated in or received their degree and licensure in other countries. Because RN degree and licensing standards in the U.S. and Canada are different from those in other parts of the world, we needed an accurate and reliable way to verify credentials for our certification candidates. That’s why we partnered with CGFNS to provide this service, to make your journey to certified success a little easier.

  • What does the International Credential Evaluation service cost?

    The cost associated with the verification process is a standard fee of $250. Additionally, candidates will incur a notarization fee to validate documents. There may be other fees assessed (for example, if translation services are needed for your transcript) throughout the process. More about fees and financial requirements can be found on the CGFNS website.

  • What if my credential is not approved?

    CGFNS will alert BCEN if there are discrepancies or issues with your credential evaluation. You will be notified as well, and asked to clarify your transcripts and licensing information, or resubmit your materials.

  • What if I’ve been through this process before? Do I still have to go through every step?

    If you have been evaluated through CGFNS for certification from another provider, your account will still have your personal information saved. You can then use this stored info to fill out forms for your BCEN International Credential Evaluation. Because CGFNS will still need to verify your information to ensure it is timely and up-to-date, you will be responsible for the $250 standard fee.

  • I still have questions about the process. Where do I go?

    You can contact us at any time with questions about International Credential Evaluation. Email us at bcen@bcen.org or call us at 1 (630) 848-9259 between the hours of 8am – 4:30pm (CT) Monday through Friday and we’ll be happy to assist you.