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Whether you’re already in a nursing leadership position or looking to make the leap into management, nursing professional development courses can help you build the skills you need to be successful. Our continuing education courses for professional development cover a variety of topics:

  • Emergency Nursing 101
  • Revenue Cycle basics
  • ABCs of ICD-10
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The First 100 Days in the Nurse Manager Office

As a new nurse leader within a healthcare organization, it’s crucial to overcome the inherent challenges associated with transitioning into an advanced role. In this professional development course for nursing leadership, you’ll learn about the roadblocks you may face early on as a leader in the ED, avoiding early missteps and making for a smooth transition. This course teaches proven success strategies, how to align goals with your team, and the importance of self-evaluation during the first 100 days in your new role.

2 CE Credits – $40


Other Courses for Nursing Staff Development

ABCs of ICD-10

In this course, you will gain foundational knowledge of the code set used to report morbidity and mortality in the United States: ICD-10-CM. You will learn about some of the most important guidelines used for ICD-10, including those which allow nursing documentation to be included in those diagnoses reported. Finally, we will cover documentation that supports diagnosis coding in the Emergency Department.

1.5 CE Credits - $30

Driving Employee Engagement: 5 Best Practices

In the dynamic world of emergency nursing, building a solid team is essential to a well-functioning department. In this course, we will explain workforce engagement and why it is important. We will introduce our top five practices that really drive engagement and are largely budget neutral. We will also discuss how to engage the Millennials on your team.

2 CE Credits - $40

Emergency Nursing 101

Nurses new to the field or those considering a move to the ED will learn what a typical day as an ED nurse is like, what makes the job unique, how to prepare to both land a position in the ED and succeed as an ED nurse. Written by ED nursing managers, this course will explain what to expect as a new nurse in the ED and will give you tips on how to succeed!

1 CE Credit - $20

Your Career: From Interview to Certification

Congratulations! You're taking steps toward working in a dynamic and exciting field: Emergency Medicine! Whether you are a new graduate or a nurse that has worked in other areas outside of the Emergency Department (ED), emergency nursing is a field of its own that requires good communication, strong clinical skills and continuous education.

1 CE Credit - $20

Quality Improvement 101

This course will show Emergency Nursing professionals how to design and implement a quality improvement initiative in their area of practice. The course will discuss the history and background of the science of improvement, the key components of a Quality Improvement project, and evidence-based tools for use in the effort to improve processes and procedures that impact patient care and satisfaction, staff satisfaction and retention, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

1.5 CE Credits - $30

RegulatED: An Introduction to Regulatory Standards for Emergency Nurses

This course will provide an overview of the regulatory bodies within the U.S. healthcare system and their guiding legislation. You will work through real-life scenarios to help connect what you do in the ED to these regulatory standards. This course will also outline the typical steps in a CMS site survey, including documentation, citations, and what to expect the next time a regulatory agency visits your institution.

1 CE Credit - $20

Revenue Cycle Basics for Nurse Leaders

Identify the components of revenue cycles and understand basic terminology. The purpose of this course is to acquaint you with revenue cycle terminology. A basic understanding of the revenue cycle is critical for nurse leaders in order to better communicate across the healthcare enterprise. In addition, nursing leaders will use the concepts learned in this course to educate their nursing staff on the essential role they play in the revenue cycle.

1 CE Credit - $20

Supporting Board Certification

This course will make the case for why and how supporting specialty nursing certification is beneficial to all stakeholders. Studies show that certification strengthens teamwork, improves patient outcomes, creates ownership and current and future leaders. Strong support for nursing and specialty nursing certification is highly advised for nurse leaders who want to cultivate owners and leaders that will help solve the most challenging problems and move their departments to the next level.

1 CE Credit - $20

BCEN Learn Course Jeopardy

Who doesn't like games?! How especially doesn't appreciate learning while playing a game?! Welcome to the Jeopardy-style game for emergency nurses! This game is designed to test your knowledge and skills in emergency nursing and to help you stay up-to-date with the latest information and best practices in the field. Created using questions taken from a variety of BCEN Learn courses, this course will consist of three different games, each offering 20 questions specific to that topic. These questions may include emergency department procedures, patient assessment, triage, and management of various emergency conditions. The questions will range in difficulty from easy to challenging. Good luck and have fun!

1 CE Credit - $20

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