BCEN 40th Anniversary – Stories for Every Season

Our stories are always changing. Always evolving. Now, we want to hear yours. 

When the clock ticked over to midnight on January 1st, we thought our 40th anniversary would be the biggest story of the year. None of us could have anticipated the looming global health crisis of COVID-19. Now, we understand that this year, and this crisis, is another chapter in our story … and yours.

We’ve been moved, inspired and humbled seeing the work our BCEN certified nurses are doing on the front line of this virus. We know this is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. And when you’re ready, we’d like to hear about that experience. We’re asking you to share your stories, especially those in which you’ve seen the value of your certification guiding you through this uncertain time. Please share your story with us by filling out the form below.