Meet Stacey Dock: BCEN’s 2023 Distinguished CFRN Award Winner

On May 11, BCEN was proud to announce our 2023 Distinguished CFRN Award winner:


Stacey Dock, MSN, RN, CFRN

Flight Nurse/QA Coordinator/Preceptor

LifeFlight Eagle

Kansas City, MO

What does this award mean to you?

I am humbled and honored to be recognized by BCEN for doing something I love. Flight nursing has been my calling and passion for the past 29 years. I first sat for and earned the CFRN credential in 1995, and it helped me to have the confidence to make flight nursing my lifelong career.

How does earning and maintaining the Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) credential make a difference in your practice and roles?

Preparing for, earning, and maintaining an advanced certification such as the CFRN enables you to specialize and hone your knowledge base in your chosen career. Preparing for and earning this credential helped me to develop a better understanding of my vast role as a flight nurse.

What difference has being a CFRN made for your patients and their families?

Patients and their families are asked to instantly trust strangers with their lives. They deserve crew members who have worked hard to be the best they can be. Earning and maintaining an advanced certification is a strong way to ensure you are prepared to be your best for your patients.

How does the CFRN advance flight nursing and flight care?

The CFRN raises the bar for a flight nurse. In our industry, knowing someone has their CFRN provides an understanding that they have an advanced knowledge base in flight nursing.

Here’s what VP of Clinical Services Joey Araiza, who nominated Stacey, had to say: 

“For more than 30 years, Stacey has been serving Kansas City and surrounding rural communities with advanced critical care. I was always impressed by Stacey’s clinical expertise and bedside manner, and I made it my mission to work with her someday. When I began working with her on the front line in 2007, I was so honored to work alongside a known “legend.” She always makes you feel like you are part of the team. 

Stacey is well-known for her outstanding clinical skills and caring manner. She has had a tremendous positive impact on numerous new staff, guiding them and coaching them to be the absolute best they can be, all while delivering exceptional patient care. She is someone that anyone would want to care for their loved one. She is an advocate, a friend, an example of integrity, and a caring touch in peoples’ darkest hours.

A lifelong learner, Stacey seeks out every opportunity to push herself. As the manager of clinical services, she held herself to a high standard and worked to have all her crews strive for higher standards as well. She evaluates every transport she does to see what she might have done differently and follows up on every patient so she can see how she can improve. Many of the staff at LifeFlight Eagle go to Stacey for advice and guidance. No matter what time Stacey gets called for a transport, she is on her A-game and ready.”

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