Meet Jordan Tyczka: BCEN’s 2023 Distinguished TCRN Award Winner

On May 11, BCEN was proud to announce our 2023 Distinguished TCRN Award winner:


Jordan Tyczka, MSN, RN, CEN, TCRN

Trauma Program Director

Inova Loudoun Hospital

Leesburg, VA

What does this award mean to you?

Receiving this award is confirmation that I am doing what I was meant to do. Even without recognition, I know my years of trauma training and studying to achieve my certification has directly impacted patients I have cared for. This honor has made me realize how lucky I am that I get to do what I love. I value being certified and helping others on their certification journey. This is something I’ll be proud of for the rest of my career.

How does earning and maintaining the TCRN credential make a difference in your practice and roles?

Since our trauma center opened in 2017, I have worked diligently to help  and encourage the nurses of Inova Loudoun Hospital to achieve their TCRN. I developed lectures which cover each of the components of the exam and present this monthly—all in an effort to increase our number of TCRN-prepared nurses at the bedside. My best days are when I get an email or phone call from a nurse that has just passed their exam. It gives me such a sense of pride to not only have TCRN proudly displayed on my badge, but to celebrate each newly certified nurse in our hospital.

I wanted to be able to provide exceptional trauma patient care, answer questions from the patient and family, and help other healthcare professionals who care for trauma patients provide outstanding care. This certification increased my confidence in caring for trauma patients. Holding the TCRN has also allowed me to have the confidence to teach fellow nurses, healthcare professionals, and community members how to care for trauma patients.

What difference has being a TCRN made for your patients and their families?

Working towards my certification and maintaining it has given me the knowledge and skills to better interact with both trauma patients and their families. I can understand the disease process that their injury has caused which allows me to better articulate to families and support them during this time. I know with this advanced knowledge I can see the entire picture better, and it enhances the support I provide to patients and families.

How does the TCRN advance trauma nursing and trauma care?

With our work to encourage more nurses to achieve their TCRN, there has been a palpable energy surrounding our trauma program. The many nurses working towards their certification are more engaged, inquisitive, more proficient in their trauma care, and they better understand how traumatic injuries impact the continuum of care. I can truly say, the goal of certification has elevated us as a trauma center.

Here’s what Trauma Nurse Specialist Lindsay Schoem, who nominated Jordan, had to say:

“Jordan clearly demonstrates superior trauma knowledge and uses expert skills when it comes to clinical experiences. With her tremendous amount of trauma knowledge, Jordan assists all areas of the hospital (16 units in total and including over 500 nurses!) to excel in trauma care through the safe, professional and excellent knowledge she provides as an educator. She takes the time to visit each unit day and night, sharing her wealth of knowledge with all team members and treating all her coworkers as professional peers.

Jordan’s attitude and approach to trauma nursing is one of passion and skill. Because of her knowledge and continuous desire to learn, she is a role model to many. Often you can hear nurses saying they want to become certified like Jordan because she demonstrates how important it is and how much of a positive difference it makes in the care you can provide patients. Many nurses throughout the hospital have obtained a TCRN credential because of Jordan.

Loudoun Trauma Services functions like a well-oiled machine as a result of Jordan’s contributions over the past five years as a Clinical Nurse Educator and now our new Trauma Program Director. She is an essential component to a constantly evolving profession, which is evident by the extra mile she goes.

Jordan also volunteers much of her time to educate and empower EMTs and paramedics in our community, and with the letters TCRN behind her name it comforts people to know she is certified in trauma. She represents our hospital in our community so proudly.”

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