BCEN Updates

BCEN Sponsors Consumer Awareness Campaign About Nursing Specialty Certification

BCEN is proud to join with other nursing specialty certification boards, the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS), and PSI Services to sponsor a public service announcement (PSA) campaign designed to educate consumers about nursing specialty certification and the exceptional care board certified nurses deliver.

The “Certified Nurses Make a Difference” PSA has been distributed to broadcast and cable TV stations across the country as well as Connected TV, Marketed YouTube, and Hulu Streaming, and is expected to generate over 200 million impressions.

The National Certification Corporation, which spearheaded the campaign and PSA, also developed the certifiednurses.org website. You can view the BCEN information featured on the website, as well as information about the other nursing specialty board sponsors, here.

We invite the BCEN community to share the PSA and certifiednurses.org website with family and friends and on social media so more consumers can know just how exceptional BCEN-certified nurses are and why the care you deliver makes a difference!