BCEN Updates

Digital Badging Has Launched … and is Taking Off!

The Digital Badging program is live and getting a lot of attention! Since its launch on December 5, there have been 17,515 badge views and 5,779 shares through various social media platforms.  It’s a testament to your certification achievements.


A few things to know about digital badges:

A digital badge is an electronic version of your credentials and contains metadata describing your skills and qualifications.

This new program allows you to showcase your certification(s) by:

  • Sharing them electronically on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Displaying your credential in your email signature
  • Sharing it with your employer via email or on an electronic resume
  • Providing a trusted method for credential verification

All BCEN® certified nurses have received an email from Acclaim inviting them to claim their digital badge.

If you didn’t receive yours, please contact the BCEN office at bcen@bcen.org

It’s free. It’s easy. Promote your certifications to colleagues and employers. There’s a digital badge available for each of your certifications. Claim your badge(s) today.