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CBRN Burn Certification Update: April 2023 – All About the Beta Exam  

What is a beta exam?

When a certification exam is developed for a brand-new credential, one of the final steps is evaluating the exam items by administering the test to actual candidates. During the beta exam phase, test questions are evaluated to ensure accuracy and reliability. This kind of psychometric analysis is part and parcel of the rigor that goes into the development of high-quality certification programs, as it ensures the validity and reliability of the exam. The psychometric process is also used to confirm the final scoring and exam passing point. 

Are nurses who take the beta exam fully certified?

Yes. Those who pass will be among the very first CBRNs!  

Who is eligible to take the CBRN exam during the beta testing phase? 

Nurses with a current, unrestricted RN or APRN in the United States and its Territories, Canada, and Australia are eligible to apply.  

**As is the case with all of BCEN’s credentialing exams, nurses educated and/or practicing outside of those countries must have their eligibility verified through BCEN’s International Credentialing Evaluation process before they may apply to take the CBRN exam. Because this process can take several weeks—and because the beta testing phase has a limited number of seats that are likely to be filled very quickly—nurses practicing outside of the U.S., Canada and Australia may wish to plan to take the CBRN exam when testing re-opens in the 4th quarter of 2023.    

What will be covered on the CBRN exam?

The CBRN body of knowledge spans the continuum of burn nursing care—including prehospital and acute care, patient and family support, recovery and rehabilitation, and prevention and education. The credential was designed by and for RNs and APRNs working on burn units and also may be beneficial for burn nurse leaders and nurses delivering burn care outside of burn units.

The CBRN exam content outline, which was published in November 2022, describes the major domains of the burn nursing body of knowledge and indicates the number of test questions on each domain. Exam content outlines are widely regarded as useful roadmap for test preparation. 

Burn Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice (available now) and Core Curriculum for Burn Nursing: From Injury Prevention to Rehabilitation (coming soon)—both published by the American Burn Association (ABA), BCEN’s partner on the initial development of the CBRN—are available here 

When will the beta exam be offered? How many “seats” will there be?

The beta testing period for the CBRN will be from July 10 – August 6. Eligible nurses may apply to take the exam starting on May 10. There will be 400 seats available, and the test will be offered in-person and via Live Remote Proctoring. Complete details and a registration page will be announced soon. (Register here to receive all CBRN updates.) 

What’s different about taking the beta exam?

Besides the limited number of seats, the main difference is that test-takers will receive their results approximately 8-10 weeks after the beta testing window has closed. Once testing reopens in Q4 2023, test takers can expect to receive their results immediately after taking the CBRN exam.

BCEN certification vouchers may not be used for the beta exam.

How can I be sure to receive the latest information and news about the CBRN?

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